Hiiii! 😀 these past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot on how to start my blog. I made this blog account for almost a year already and I guess, now is the right time to have my “first post”. Actually, a friend of mine inspired me to do this thing because according to him, I should start composing blogs because it is somehow related to my future course when I get to college. So much for this, let’s get started.


Pina char pose.

I am Mar Matthew B. Rublico, 18 years old and currently a Grade 12 student of Iligan City National High School taking up Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS). I am a member of the bigger family of CFC- Youth For Christ and two years in service. I consider myself as a young, dumb and broke high school kid as of this moment maybe because of the things that I have been doing lately.

I am always confused to everything that I do and about to do. I really don’t know why am I so uncertain when it comes to decision making. I do have a lot of friends but there are only few that I consider as a lifetime friends.


Pagka drama HAHAHAH

This was the first time that I became an honor student in high school. A nostalgic moment for me. I was so overwhelmed receiving the medal and was about to cry as I see my mom’s face watching me with a big smile downstairs waiting for me. I made my mom happy and proud. Auhhhh ❤

Atty. Mar Matthew B. Rublico (rots HAHAH)

Since I was a kid, being a lawyer has always been my dream. It makes me sad every time I read a news about the injustice that is happening in our country and that is why no matter how hard it is, I am willing to conquer everything for this profession because someday, I don’t want to be just a liability in the society, I want to be an asset that everyone could benefit to.

Not mine. Credits to the owner 🙂

As a teenager, I do have lapses, I tend to explore things, go beyond my boundaries and break some rules. I didn’t regret everything that I did because I’ve enjoyed it, it made my teenage life a memorable one and most importantly, I’ve learned from it.

Life would be boring if you’re just sitting in a corner and do nothing. Don’t hesitate to try new things. Explore now or you’ll miss the chance. 🙂